• Treasury
    • Standard Bank has a dedicated Treasury team which is capable of providing all Treasury Solutions through wide range of Treasury products available in the market. SBL Treasury is specialized in their own area to ensure the best possible solution and to provide best pricing to our customer. Currently Standard Bank Treasury Team covers the following areas

      1. Money Market
      2. Foreign Exchange Market
      3. Asset Liability Management
  • Money Market
    • Money markets refer to raising and deploying overnight and short-term resources, with maturity of funds generally not exceeding one year. SBL money market is one of the most active and efficient desk in the Interbank market of the country. Money Market dealers exercise all the existing Money Market products like –

      1. Mudaraba Special Notice Deposit Account
      2. Mudaraba Term Placement
      3. Bangladesh Govt. Islamic Investment Bond (BGIIB)
  • Foreign Exchange Market
    • SBL Treasury engaged in need based foreign currency transactions in inter-bank market. SBL dealing room is connected to world famous Thomson Reuters live currency monitor with other on-line dealing platforms of different international banks to quote competitive spot & forward prices for major currencies .We are offering competitive exchange rates to our Importers, Exporters and Non-Resident Remitters for major currencies against BDT. In Foreign Exchange the most available products in SBL Treasury are:

      1. Spot Sale/ Buy of Foreign Currency
      2. Forward Sale/ Buy of Foreign Currency
      3. Foreign Currency placement
      4. SWAP
  • Asset Liability Management (ALM)
    • Asset Liability Management (ALM) is an integral part of Bank Management as well as important part of the core risk management and so, it is essential to have a structured and systematic process for manage the Balance Sheet.

      SBL has a committee comprising of the senior management of the bank to make important decisions related to the Balance Sheet of the Bank. The committee typically called the Asset Liability Committee (ALCO). This Committee meets at least once every month to analysis, review and formulate strategy to manage the balance sheet.

      Asset Liability Management desk of the Standard Bank monitors Market Risk and Liquidity Risk and at the same time it interprets the market views, competition and the potential target market. ALM Desk also prepares the liquidity plan as per the Maturity Profile of Assets-Liabilities, Deposits and Advances, analyzes the different ratios and Factor Sensitivity of interest rates.

      The key functions of SBL Asset Liability Management are:

      1. Diversification and Pricing of Assets and Liabilities
      2. Monitoring Liquidity and Reserve Management
      3. Reduction of Fund Cost
      4. Maximization of Asset Yields
      5. Centralized Management of Market Risk
      6. GAP Analysis of Assets and Liabilities
      7. Search for Alternative Funding and Investment
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