Eligibility & Requirement

More Details:

  • Eligibility
  • Mandatory Documents
  • Additional Documents
  • Lien Card/Secure Card
      1. Mandatory Documents plus
      2. Authorization for fund holds instruction and encashment of securities.
      3. FDR: Minimum FDR amount should be BDT 50,000. Card holder must authorize bank to issue credit card against his/her FD advice and concerned bank officer marked as Lien in core banking system so that card holder is not allowed to encash FD advice without concern of the card division.
      4. DPS: Minimum DPS amount should be BDT 50,000. DPS receipt to be handed over to Bank and DPS age should be 1 year.
      5. CC (Hypo & Pledge) loan holder can avail credit card facilities but their last 1 year repayment history must be in regular status. Approved Credit limit must be backed by sufficient security/mortgage which will ensure Branch manager as well as credit analyst.
  • RFCD/ERQ Account Documentations
      1. Mandatory Documents plus
      2. Giving authority to hold fund and debit authority against RFCD/ERQ account as a security of the SBL card.
      3. In case of other bank card holder ERQ account, card holder need to provide to SBL:
        1. Board resolution along with Lien request letter for issuing ERQ card mentioning the top 3 executives’ names for which cards will be issued.
        2. Lien confirmation and reconfirmation letter.
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