Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Activities
Standard Bank Limited Donates BDT Ten Crore to the “Bangabandhu Memorial Trust”
CSR Activities
presents a Lift to the BIRDEM Hospital
CSR Activities
SBL Donates BDT 5.00 Crore to Prime Minister’s Relief & Welfare Fund
CSR Activities
Standard Bank Limited donates BDT 3.00 Crore to the Honorable Prime Minister’s Relief Fund
CSR Activities
Standard Bank Limited donates BDT 5.00 Crore to Prime Minister’s Relief Fund for the Rohingyas
CSR Activities
Standard Bank Limited donates 75,000 pcs Blankets to the Honorable Prime Minister’s Relief Fund
CSR Activities
SBL handed over a cheque worth of BDT 5.00 crore to Prime Minister
CSR Activities
Standard Bank Donated BDT 50.00 Lac to Sheikh Kamal Int. Club Cup
Donation For Relief
Donation Tk. 5 Crore for relief fund
Donation For Relief
Donation Tk. 5 Crore for relief fund
Donation For Relief
Donation Tk. 5 Crore for relief fund
Distribute Blanket
Distribute blanket among cold hited
Handover Bus to PM
Hand over 52 seated bus for BSMRSTU

  • About CSR

    • Standard Bank CSR revolves around its core values:
      Since its inception in 3rd June 1999, SBL was active for the noble cause of humanity. SBL always stands beside the marooned people during the natural calamity that includes flood, drought, famine and provided support not only from the Bank but also from the Bank Foundation.
      Talking about CSR, we re-iterate our obligation to the society, the government, the shareholders, the clientele, the employees, the institution & the community. We strongly believe, existence of any concern largely depends on it macro & micro environment. Our political, Social, Environmental and technology adaptation & sustainability initiatives keeps us afloat. Without a strong economic base a business cannot exist. Without a bullish market, a business cannot flourish, without a strong political environment a business cannot fortuity its position, without strong leader healthy venture cannot exist. Without healthy population there exist no leadership. Its ultimate deduction is that, Business lives on population. Each of the people in the economy directly or indirectly contributes to sustenance of our business, therefore, we are committed to fulfill our Corporate Social Responsibilities for convenience we have segmented our CSR activities into broad groups.
      01. For Our Shareholders: By ensuring fair return on their investment through generating stable profit.
      02. For Our Customer: To become most caring bank by providing the most courteous and efficient service in every of our business.
      03. For Our Employee: By promoting the well being of the members of the staff.
      04. For our Community: Assuring our socially responsible corporate entity in a tangible manner through close adherence to national policies and objectives.
      Our CSR activities to community are performed by our foundation naming “Standard Bank Foundation.” For the rest of the groups, CSR is conducted and controlled by the Bank management itself. A brief on our CSR activities are pictured below:

      CSR Initiatives of our bank as on 30.06.2019                                                                                                                              (BDT. in Crore)
      Description of Initiatives Year Total
      2019 2018 2017 2016 2004-2015
      i). Education 0.46 0.44 1.71 2.28 1.92 6.81
      ii). Health 0.03 0.08 0.31 0.24 2.65 3.31
      iii). Disaster Management 4.68 10.21 11.30 5.12 16.34 47.65
      iv. Environment - - - - 0.15 0.15
      v.) Cultural Welfare 0.07 0.59 3.51 0.21 2.85 7.23
      vi. Infrastructure improvement in remote/underprivileged areas - - - 0.02 - 0.02
      vi. Income generating activities for the underprivileged population - - - - - -
      viii). Others 0.05 0.16 1.14 0.14 9.00 10.49
      Total 5.29 11.48 17.97 8.01 32.91 75.66
  • Standard Bank Foundation
    • The endowment of Standard Bank Foundation, which was founded in 2010, has grown to a significant size since its inception. The funding policy has focused on some major areas: education and research, healthcare, art and culture and social projects. The Bank made provision for Standard Bank Foundation at remarkable percentage on pretax profit in every year. In 2014, SBL has made a provision for Taka 20 Million for SBL Foundation.
      Standard Bank wants to eliminate the impropriety in the society, to create fellow feeling among the citizens of the country, motivate people to do good works and conserve nature. Thus Education, Health care, Creation of social awareness, Rehabilitation of destitute, standing beside the victim caused by Natural Disaster, Preserve the Art and Culture of the society, and address human sufferings arising out of different causes are some of the important areas where Standard Bank has been carrying out its social and philanthropic responsibilities. During the year 2014 BDT 48.30 million was contributed for social and philanthropic causes under CSR activities of the Bank in the form of Direct Social Intervention and Community Development Project. Area of our corporate philanthropy & social obligation is not limited at all. Since our take-off in 1999, we have been taking part in diversified social activities.