Mudaraba Bondhon Savings Account (MBS)

  • Eligibility
    • Any Citizen of Bangladesh [Daily Income Earner]. An adult person or persons having sound mind individually or jointly can open this account.
  • Islamic Principles
    • Mudaraba is a partnership in profit whereby one party provides capital and the other party provides skill and labour. Profit distributed as per agreed ratio and loss is borne by Sahib AL-Maal.
  • Required Identifications/ Documents
      1. Complete account opening form with TP & KYC.
      2. Photocopy of NID/Passport/Driving License/Ward Commissioner Certificate with photo (Photo must be attested by ward commissioner).
      3. Two recent Passport size photographs of each account holderduly attested by Introducers.
      4. Introducer’s signature in the A/C opening form and at the back of the photograph(s) of signatories.
      5. Passport size photograph of nominee (attested by the account holder).
      6. Proof of Address- Copy of Utility Bill for latest 3 months.
      7. Updated TIN (Optional).
      8. Any other documents as required under prevailing rules & regulations of the Bank considering the nature of the Depositor(s).
      Charges: See schedule of charges of the bank.
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