SBL Babbosha Shachal (Working Capital Finance)/

The loan facility in terms of Working Capital to meet cash requirement to ensure smooth day to day business operation for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) involved in Manufacturing/Trading/Services.
  • Key Features
      1. Any justifiable working capital need for small and medium enterprise customers.
      2. Facility Type -Continuous Loan, LC (Signt/DP) and
      3. Loan Ceiling - Tk. 2.00 Lac to Tk. 50.00 Lac for cottage/micro/small enterprise customers and Tk. 2.00 Lac to Tk. 300.00 Lac for medium enterprise customers.
      4. Loan Tenure - Continuous Loan for maximum 12 months and LC(Sight/DP)/LTR for prescribed tenure.
      5. Nil margin LC facility.
      6. Nominal Interest Rate.
  • Eligibility
      1. Age: At least 21 years.
      2. Any entrepreneur having the experience of successfully managing the business for at least two years may apply for the loan.
  • Required Documents
      1. Valid trade license
      2. Special license/permission (if applicable) for business operation.
      3. Notarized partnership deed/registered by Sub Register Officer (in case of partnership).
      4. Memorandum and Articles of Association in case of Limited Company.
      5. Passport/National voter ID/ward commissioner/UP chairman certificate of the Proprietor/Partner/Directors.
      6. Photo of the proprietor/Partners and guarantors.
      7. Statement of all active bank loans (if any).
      8. Last 12 months bank statement of transactional account.
  • Security Arrangement
      1. Primary Security:
      2. Hypothecation of machineries, equipment, vehicles, inventories.
      3. Personal guarantee of Proprietor/Partner/Directors and their spouse.
      4. 02(two) 3rd party Guarantors acceptable to the Bank and whose Net Worth must not be less than the proposed Loan amount/Loan limit.
      5. Lien of cash collateral (FDR) and other encashable financial instrument.
      Collateral (not compulsory for credit facility up to Tk. 5.00 Lac):
      1. Registered mortgage of property/ownership of the space/possession right purchased in Bank's name.
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