VISA Gold Card

Standard Bank offers you VISA Gold Credit Card– at work or leisure; experience the convenience of Credit Cards that does everything with style and honesty.

Minimum Income: Income that supports to get minimum Credit limit of BDT 50,000.To avail credit card facility card holder’s minimum monthly income should be BDT 30,000. But for Banker, Employee of the telecommunication company, Employee of the multinational companies’ minimum monthly income should be BDT 20,000 and based on designation Government employees will get credit card.

Credit Limit: Minimum BDT 50, 000 and Maximum BDT 500,000

Key Features of Gold Card:

Zero Annual Fees: It is a great opportunity of the Standard Bank Credit Card holders to enjoy the life time credit card facilities without any annual fee. Card holder can avail this facility by using his/her credit card at point of sales 15 times in a year. At SBL we called it Zero Annual Fee Card.

Lowest Card Cheque Processing Fee: SBL is the only Bank that offers lowest card cheque processing fee. A card holder can avail card cheque facilities as many times as possible depending on his/her available credit limit. Only 1% excluding VAT as a processing fee will charge on the placed amount.

Free First Card Cheque book: Gold Credit Card comes with a free Cheque book. You can use the cheque where Cards are not accepted or where you want to do your regular cheque-type transactions (A/C Payee only). The first cheque book is free and bundled in your welcome pack.

45-Days Interest Free Period: Gold Credit Cards offer 45-days maximum interest free period prior to previous outstanding payment. Every purchase transaction in POS is considered for interest free period of maximum 45-days and minimum 15 days.

Free Supplementary Card: Cardholder will get the 1 supplementary Card is absolutely free. Cardholders can pre-set monthly limit of the supplementary cardholders as a percentage of their approved limit or any amount accommodated within the approved limit. This is an easy expense management for your family members.

Transaction Alert: Whenever you use SBL Credit Card- a system generated SMS will reach you in your provided mobile phone asserting your usages, date and time. This gives you complete control over your card usage. Peace of mind- as you can be assured of knowing any transaction that happens in your card.

Auto Debit Facility: If you have SBL saving/ Current account, you have the option of making the payment of your monthly credit outstanding, starting from paying the minimum amount due to the total amount due, directly through your bank saving/current account.

Discount Facility: Card holders can enjoy the discount benefits from the selected merchant outlet. SBL is partnering up with partners so that the SBL Cardholders can avail maximum flexibility and benefits at those outlets.

Zero Percept Instalment Program (ZERO PAY): Zero Pay is an equal monthly instalment plan that allows cardholder the flexibility to convert retail purchase transactions at partner outlets into an instalment scheme where the cardholder pays back the amount over a certain time period ranging from 3 months to 24 months without any interest.

E-Statement Service: Cardholders can receive monthly statements via e-mail, completely free of cost. This is a fast, reliable and efficient service, which will minimize your paperwork and maximize your convenience. Your e-statements can be delivered to more than one e-mail address (up to a maximum of three e-mail addresses). All you need to do is just filling up a form at our customer services points at any SBL branches and we will take care of the rest.

Convenient Payment Option: When you receive your credit card monthly bill, you need not pay the entire bill amount. You have the flexibility of selecting any of the following payment options:

  • - Pay the total amount due.
  • - Pay only the minimum amount due and the balance will be carried forward to subsequent statements.
  • - Pay any amount ranging from the minimum amount due to the total amount due.

Limited Lost Card Liability: In case the Card is lost or stolen, call the SBL 24-hour Customer service number @ 02-9513515 from LAN phone, anywhere or dial at 01713-186883 from any mobile phone in Bangladesh and report the loss of your Card. A new Card will be sent to you within 72 hours of reporting this loss after written request received. You are protected from any financial liability arising out of transactions done on your missing Card, from the time you report the loss to us.

Customer Service: Customer Service ensures your queries are being handled efficiently and promptly. Just call at 01713-186883,02-9513515 from anywhere in the world and you are connected.

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