Mudaraba 10 Taka Account

  • Eligibility
      1. Any Citizen of Bangladesh [Small/Marginal/Landless Farmers, Low income professionals affected by natural disasters and Marginal/Small traders]
      2. An adult person or persons having sound mind individually or jointly can open this account.
  • Islamic Principles
    • Mudarabais a partnership in profit whereby one party provides capital and the other party provides skill and labour. Profit distributed as per pre-agreed ratio and loss is borne by Sahib Al Maal.
  • Required Identifications/ Documents
      1. Complete account opening form with TP & KYC.
      2. Photocopy of NID/Labour Registration Card/Birth Registration Card /Chairman/Ward Commissioner Certificate with photo (Photo must be attested by ward commissioner).
      3. Two recent Passport size photographs of each account holder duly attested by introducer.
      4. Introducer’s signature in the A/C opening form and at the back of the photograph(s) of signatories.
      5. Passport size photograph of nominee (attested by the account holder).
      6. Proof of Address- Copy of Utility Bill for latest 3 months.
      7. Any other documents as required under prevailing rules & regulations of the Bank considering the nature of the Depositor(s).
      Charges: See schedule of charges of the bank.
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