Product Name: STANDARD SUDIN (CROP GO-DOWN) (Code-L32).

Purpose of Loan: Financing the Farmers for stocking crops (Season wise)

Loan Limit without collateral security: Minimum 0.05 Lac & Maximum 0.25 Lac

Tenure: 30-60 days after harvesting crops.

Rate of Interest: 11% (Subject to change by Bangladesh Bank)

Service charges/ Fees for the facility: N/A


Security :

i. DP Note

ii. Letter of hypothecation & mortgage of crops.

iii. Guarantee bond of the spouse of the borrower & other acceptable third party.

iv. Post dated cheque.

v. Other usual Charge documents.


Documentation :

i. Party application

ii. National ID

iii. Passport size color photograph.

iv. UP Chairman certificate.

v. Guarantor’s information & their consent.

vi. Credit report/Confidential Opinion from Local Lead Bank.

vii. Others related documents.

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