Hajj Card

Standard Bank Limited have launched special Visa Hajj Travel prepaid card.The card will extend convenience and meet the requirements of customers planning a pilgrimage to Hajj.The card aims to offer hassle free international travel, along with a secure and reliable way to pay.Through this card, customers can load foreign currency at home by paying in Bangladesh Taka.

Distinct Features:

Zero Issuance Fee: SBL Hajj card is issued on zero issuance fee.

Interest Free Card: SBL Hajj card is completely interest free card. Card holder need not to bear any interest while using this card.

No CASA Account: For availing SBL Hajj card, no current account or saving account is required. Card holder will pay BDT amount at the prevailing exchange rate over the cash counter and bank will load equivalent dollar amount into Hajj card.

No need to Carry Cash: Card holder need not to carry any cash instead will load the desire amount in Hajj card and use it at Saudi Arabia.It is a smart alternative to paper based instruments like Travellers Cheque or currency notes for all customers travelling for the favorableHajj to Saudi Arabia.

Hajj Quota: Under Hajj quota a pilgrimage can carry maximum USD 1000 with him/her in the form of cash or plastic money.

USD limit up to the available Travel quota: A pilgrim can get a regular SBL Travel Card where he/she can endorse the available limit from the travel Quota (TQ).

24x7 Cash withdrawal Facility: Card holder will enjoy 24x7 cash withdrawal facility from any VISA ATM in Saudi Arabia.

POS Transactions: Card holder can use his/her Hajj Card in any merchant outlets in Saudi Arabia which have VISA logo.

Unused Amount: Card holder either can further use his unused amount at foreign tours or can getting back the unused amount either in the form of pay order or account transfer (SBL Saving Account or Current account).

Required Documents: To avail SBL Hajj card, card holder needs to provide- Valid Passport copy, Hajj Documents, NID copy and 2 passport size Photo.

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