Products of Green Banking

Bangladesh is on of the emerging economics of the world and has witnessed rapid industrial growth over the last two decades that has contributed significantly to the rise in the country’s GDP. On the other hand, we are vulnerable to risks related to environmental pollution and climate impacts in the form of natural & man-made disaster. Some of the common environmental & social concerns include land degradation, water pollution and scarcity, air pollution, biodiversity resources and impacts of natural disasters. Rapid population growth, improper use of land, poor resource management and uncontrolled discharge of pollutants are the major causes. Bangladesh is one of the most climate change vulnerable countries and floods, tropical cyclones, storm, surges, drought are likely to become more frequent and severe in the coming years. We need to protect our financing from the risks arising out of the deteriorating environment scenario and climate change. All these issues have significant adverse impacts on human health. Severe health out-breaks, ground water depletion, rapid degradation of natural habitat arising out of these irresponsible business activities pose significant treat to the continuity of business, Which in turn will adversely impact the loan portfolio of the banks if we invest in these activities without taking into account mitigation of these environmental risks. As per Bangladesh Bank ESRM guideline Banks have to conduct its business by addressing environmental and social issues through Environmental and Social Risk Management. Bangladesh Bank advised to finance eco-friendly products/initiatives to make eco-friendly finance more familiar to the all stakeholders including clients and institutions as well as to facilitate for implementing various development plans of Bangladesh Govt. Such natural plans include Perspective Plan of Bangladesh: 2010-2021, National Sustainable Development Strategy 2010-2021, Seventh Five Years Development Plan and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). As guided by Bangladesh Bank we have taken initiative to finance 52 (fifty two) products under 08 (eight) sectors containing renewable energy, energy efficiency, wastage management, recycling, environment-friendly brick, environmental-friendly construction & some other environment-friendly products/initiatives. These are applicable to get refinance facility from Bangladesh Bank. Outstanding amount of total green finance is BDT.1,490.18 Million (approx) at the end of 2018.

List of 52 Green Products:

Sector(s) Sub-Sector(s) Green Initiative(s)
1. Renewable Energy Solar Energy 1. Solar Home System
2. Solar Micro/Mini Grid
3. Solar Irrigation Pumping System
4. Surface Water Purification Plant using Solar Pump
5. Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Assembly Plant
6. Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power Plant
7. Solar Cooker Assembly Plant
8. Solar Water Heater Assembly Plant
9. Solar Air Heater & Cooling System Assembly Plant
10. Solar Energy Cold Storage
Bio-Gas 11. Setting up of Bio-gas Plant in existing Dairy & Poultry Farm
12. Integrated Cow Rearing and Setting up of Bio-gas Plant
13. Organic Manure from Slurry
14. Mid Range Bio-gas Plant
15. Biomass based Large Scale Bio-gas Plant
16. Poultry & Dairy based Large Scale Bio-gas Plant
Hydro-Power 17. Hydropower (Pico, Micro & Mini)
Wind-Power 18. Wind Energy Driven Power Plant
2. Energy Efficiency 19. Substitution of Conventional Lighting System, electronic material, Boiler with energy efficient alternatives on the basis of Energy Audit
20. Auto Sensor Power Switch Assembly Plant
21. Energy efficient Improved Cook Stove (ICS)/ICS Renewable/Hybrid Cook Stove Assembly Plant
22. LED Bulb/Tube Manufacturing Plant
23. LED Bulb/Tube Assembly Plant
24. Substitution of Conventional Lime Kiln by Energy Efficient Kiln
25. Waste Heat Recovery System
3. Alternative Energy 26. Production of Burnable Oil from waste Tire by the Process of Pyrolysis
4. Waste Management Liquid Waste Management 27. Biological Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)
28. Biological & Chemical Technology Combined ETP
29. Conversion of Chemical ETP to Combination type (Chemical + Biological) of ETP
30. Chemical ETP
31. Central ETP
32. Waste Water Processing Plant
33. Sewerage Liquid Processing Plant
Solid Waste Management 34. Methane Recovery from Municipal waste & to produce Power
35. Municipal waste to Compost
36. Hazardous waste treatment facility
37. Scum Management & Processing facility
5 . Recycling & Recyclable Initiatives 38. PET Bottle Recycling Plant
39. Plastic Waste Recycling Plant (PVC/PP/LDPE/HDPE,PS)
40. Wastage Paper Recycling Plant for Production of recycled paper, plate, mug, glass
41. Recyclable Baggage Manufacturing Plant
42. Recyclable Poly Propylene Thread & Baggage Manufacturing Plant
43. Solar Battery Recycling Plant
44. Used Lead Acid Battery Recycling Plant
6. Green Brick Manufacturing 45. Compressed Block Brick
46. Autoclaved Aerated Concrete
47. Modern Tech Brick (Zigzag, Improved Zigzag, HHK, Tunnel, VSBK, Conversion of FCK to any of the above)
7. Green Establishment 48. Certified Green Industry/Green Building
49. Green Featured Building/Green features of Building
8. Miscellaneous 50. Ensuring Work Environment & Security of Workers Factories
51. Vermicompost
52. Palm Oil Plant
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