Savings Deposit Account

Saving account is for those having surplus fund, not needed to draw money often, being provident deposits for future. This is an interest generating account. Account holder gets interest in their account if certain A/C operating norms are adhered to. Both individual and organization can open this type of accounts, not ideal for business people/organization.
  • Benefits
      1. Cheque Book issued.
      2. Debit Card facility available.
      3. SMS Banking/Internet Banking facility available.
      4. Free Balance certificate issued twice a year.
      5. Free statement of accounts once in a year.
      6. Free Online transaction for value upto Tk. 2.00 lac.
      7. Interest at prescribed rate.
  • Requirements
      1. Valid identification of customer.
      2. Photo identification for all concerned.
      3. Filled in application of form.
      4. Know Your Customer (KYC) profile.
      5. Verification of information/addresses.
      6. Photographs of all individual.
      7. Other requirements, as applicable.
      Charges: See schedule of charges of the bank
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