SBL - SHOFOL (For Garments Workers)

This is a specific type of account for garments workers as Corporate Social Activity on part of the bank, as directed by Bangladesh Bank.
  • Benefits
      1. All garments worker are eligible to open the account.
      2. Interest given at prevailing savings rate.
      3. No service charge in the account apply.
      4. No minimum balance requirement.
      5. Transaction can be made through common vouchers.
      6. SMS Banking/Internet Banking facility available.
      7. Cheque book can be issued at cost.
  • Requirements
      1. Initial deposit minimum Tk. 100.00.
      2. Two copies Passport Size Photographs of applicant(s).
      3. One copy passport size photograph of nominee(s).
      4. Photo identification of applicant(s) and nominee(s).
      5. Filled in application form.
      6. Standard Know Your Customer(KYC) profile.
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