Strategic Priority

  1. To strive for sustainable business growth by ensuring customer satisfaction through quality and timely services.
  2. To ensure capital stewardship by Preservation and enlargement of multiple forms of capital; like intellectual, natural,             financial, organizational, social; all of which contribute to long term value creation.
  3. To give strong focus on extremely cost-efficient and green services through Internet banking, electronic fund transfer, automated             cheques clearing, e-bank statement, SMS alert etc.
  4. To ensure effective and efficient risk management for sustainable business growth.
  5. To ensure well diversified loan portfolio through structured finance and expansion of Corporate, SME, Agriculture and Retail             businesses.
  6. To mount state-of-the-art technologies and adopt innovative ideas for financial inclusion.
  7. To endeavor synergies between new knowledge and human capital for sustainable economic growth.
  8. To increase brand visibility by creating positive image of the Bank.
  9. To be a trend-setter in serving the society and remain responsive to the environment.
  10. To ensure sound corporate governance.
  11. To accelerate progress towards financial inclusion with technology by up-gradation of internet, Mobile Banking and Agent             banking.
  12. To add value for all stakeholders.
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