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Donation for reliefe
Standard Bank Limited donated 75,000 pcs blankets
Donation for reliefe
Chairman handed Tk. 1 crore taka to PM
CSR Activities
Donation of BDT 30,000,00/- for school
CSR Activities
Donation of Tk. 10 Crore
Cloth Distribution
Distribution of cloth among destitute of lespory patient
Donation For BDR
Donation for BDR munity through PM
Hand Over Blanket
Handover 5000 blanket to PM
Donation For Army
Donation for deceased army family
Donation For Relief
Donation Tk. 5 Crore for relief fund
Distribute Blanket
Distribute blanket among cold hited
Handover Bus to PM
Hand over 52 seated bus for BSMRSTU
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