Syndication & Structured Finance

SBL offers customized, friendly, and flexible financial solutions to develop or construct different infrastructural or large commercial or industrial project, which creates values and contributes towards the growth of the country’s economy. It finances both Greenfield project and BMRE of the existing project with other Bank/FIs through different approaches:
  • a)  Syndicate Finance/Consortium Finance
  • b)  Club Finance
  • c)  Bridge Finance
  • d)  Structured Finance

Financing Criteria & Parameters:

  • Criteria
      The financing facility for both Greenfield and BMRE project must ensure the following aspects:

    • - Commercial viability
    • - A sound business plan
    • - A thorough appraisal report incorporating legal, technical, marketing, financial and environmental aspects
    • - Proven and established operational, financial and governance track record, experience and expertise of the sponsors
  • Parameters
    • - Facility Limit: a proportionate amount of the justifiable project cost.
    • - Tenor: commensurate with project requirements
    • - Debt-to-equity: Not exceeding 60:40
    • - Reasonable interest rate depending in market condition and time to time guidelines from Bangladesh Bank.
    • - Fees and charges: most competitive in the market
  • Financing Mode
    • - CC(H)
    • - L/C[Local-sight/deferred]
    • - L/C [Foreign-sight/deferred]
    • - L/C (UPAS)
    • - LTR
    • - Term Loan
    • - Lease Finance
    • - Hire Purchase
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