HPSM (CIS) General

  1. Purpose: Purchase of furniture, electronics durables and any other legitimate procurement purpose.

  2. Target Customer: Professionals, Salaried Executives, Businessmen, Land Lord, Farmer and any other individual qualifying income, Age and Risk-Return Assessment criteria of the Bank.

  3. Monthly income: Tk.30,000/- or above

  4. Mood of Investment: HPSM (CIS)General

  5. Amount of Investment: Minimum:Tk.3.00 Lac; Maximum: Tk.8.00 Lac

  6. Period of Investment: Minimum: 01 Years; Maximum: 05 Years

  7. Rate of Return: : 9.00% (Provisional)

  8. Security: :No Collateral.

  9. Required Documents: Minimum documents.

  10. Age Limit: 25-65 Years.

  11. How to Apply: Easy and Convenient- Call to nearest Branch; No hidden cost.

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