Agent Banking FAQ


What is agent banking?

Agent banking is to provide limited Banking service through a Bank nominated Agent at Your locality.

What is difference between customer account in a Bank Branch and in Agent outlet?

Basically there are no difference and all customer accounts are Standard Bank accounts

What documents requires to open an account in nearest Agent outlet?

Completely filled & signed Account opening form with the following documents:

  1. - 2 copies of P.P size photograph of Account holder.
  2. - NID/Passport/Valid photo ID of Account holder.
  3. - Photograph of Nominee attested by account holder.
  4. - Photocopy NID/Passport/Valid photo ID of Nominee.

How much deposit required to open an account in Agent outlet?

You can open an account with any amount of initial Deposit

What is extra charge required in maintaining account in Agent outlet?

No extra charge required for Banking services in an Agent outlet.

Whether Agent Banking customer can get cheque book from Agent outlet?

Yes, cheque book will be issued to all Agent Banking Customers. However Customer have to withdraw money through thumb impression. Customers can use cheque anywhere other than SBL Agent Outlets

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