SMEs now occupy an important position in the national economy. They account for about 45 percent of manufacturing value addition, about 80 percent of industrial employment, about 90 percent of total industrial units and about 25 percent of the labor force. Their total contribution to export earnings varies from 75 percent to 80 percent. The industrial sector makes up 31 percent of the country's gross domestic product (GDP), most of which is coming from SMEs.The total number of SMEs in Bangladesh is estimated to be 79,754 establishments. Of them, 93.6 percent are small and 6.4 percent are medium.
SME can reduce the urban migration in the capital and other major cities, increase cash flow in rural areas, and thereby enhance the standard of living of the rural people. SMEs are widely distributed all over the country which means developing SMEs will play a major role in bridging the urban-rural income gap and contribute towards inclusive growth. In a way, inclusive growth can only be achieved through a vibrant SME sector in a country like Bangladesh.
Having an above average solid Mindset and Vision to grow as a leading bank in the market, Standard Bank Limited has a concrete plan to contribute in SME sector (Engine of Economic Growth) of Bangladesh. Our strong know-how on SME Banking and industry best practices from all dimensions assure Customer Delightment for the Small Medium Entrepreneurs of the country.
Our market & customer focused SME solutions are always remain under constant development process that reveals our eagerness to translate customers’ voice into related SME oriented business need.
By Keeping prescribed norms & regulations of prestigious Central Bank of Bangladesh in mind; we are always here for our SME customers to serve them the best; market segmented into three categories: Manufacturing, Trading and Service. Besides our regular strategic SME Financing plan, we also do act as a Personal Financial Consultant (PFC) for Women Entrepreneurs Financing and encouraging Agricultural & Rural Credits as well.
To know details about our SME Banking operation; our valued customers’ are always been requested to contact their nearest branch or

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